Saïd Business School

website: Innovation and Technology Transfer for Global Health
2007 conference homepage
Create an information portal, providing access to information from the first ITTGH conference to be hosted in Oxford. Create a directory of participants with biographies and contact details where appropriate. Provide an archive of downloadable resources including conference documentation and speaker presentation notes where available. Make the site easily expandable to include future conferences.
A major challenge was the design of a visual identity for the site. The design solution avoids overt symbolism and instead quietly suggests an environment of interactions between health and technology.
This site ran to over 100 pages of content and was by its nature very text heavy. To make the content as accessible as possible and to encourage visitors to read it, considerable time was spent getting the typography right.
The designs are web standards compliant. Print stylesheets were provided to make sure that each page printed out legibly on A4 sheets.